If the car thing! New and used car purchase auto repair, car rental until車と保険の達人That literally is "car expert".


It is a car and insurance guru!

車と保険の達人Is literally [car expert]
Vehicle fits your needs, your wishes and ask new and used vehicles alike, will be looking for from all over Japan.
As well as car sales and purchases, such as maintenance, automotive electronics mounting film construction, inspection, body repair, painting, and auto insurance for peace of mind in case of repair. "Quick, polite and low price" motto guests a comfortable car, with a wealth of knowledge and technical total support we will be.

"If you sell end." is not. Car delivery is the beginning!

車と保険の達人So, if you deliver end is not considered.
Our customers with peace of mind, take your car to we want to be where you can continue to snuggle up to your life partner.
Thanks, over generations-just have your number.
Come on when there are worries about the car and be「車と保険の達人」To consult.
We will staff the possible suggestions.




Echelon coating making full use of the latest technology in the popular

Photocatalyst coating on all vehicles

Professional work from a professional supplier

Installation of sensor disinfector at the entrance

From photocatalyst coating, it has various effects such as deodorization in the car, decomposition of harmful substances, antibacterial, etc. We will provide you with a refreshing interior space where you will want to take a deep breath.

Voice of the customer

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